Reconditioned Parts

In our global role of supporting Rolls-Royce and Bentley owners, we are dedicated to keeping your cars where they should be, on the road. At Flying Spares that means offering the widest choice of parts for all Rolls-Royce and Bentley models from 1946 to the present day. We stock an extensive range of reconditioned parts to suit your requirements.


Reconditioned Parts | 3-year warranty

Flying Spares reconditioned parts are recovered Genuine/OEM parts that have been thoroughly serviced and repaired by our in-house Technical Services Division (TSD) or sent externally to an approved specialist reconditioner. These components are at least as good as the original, sometimes better, as designs improve over time. Hydraulic components such as brake pumps, for example, go through a comprehensive 7-stage process to take them up to TSD reconditioned quality. The main benefits are cost, sustainability, and the preservation of original engineering. We’re so confident in our procedures that Flying Spares reconditioned parts come with the same market-leading three-year warranty as our OEM and aftermarket parts.