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See our full range of Rolls-Royce Phantom parts. This specific category relates to Rolls-Royce Phantom Models built after 2003 but we supply earlier Phantom parts (4, 5 or 6) as well as Phantom parts betwen 1955-1965.

Rolls-Royce Phantom parts (2003 onwards)

The first Rolls-Royce under BMW ownership arrived in 2003. Produced in a brand new purpose-built factory on the Goodwood estate in Sussex, it took the marque in a completely new direction using aluminium space frame construction to provide both exceptional rigidity and light weight. Christened ‘Phantom’, a traditional Rolls-Royce name dating back to 1925, it was a very imposing vehicle, similar in size to the Phantom VI limousine from the previous century. Powered by an all new light alloy V12 engine, in another link to its heritage, the capacity of this was engineered to be 6.75 litres.
The emphasis very much on luxury, the elegantly finished interior was easily accessed by rear-hinged rear doors and could be specified with a bench seat with space for 3 passengers, known as ‘lounge’ configuration, or two individual seats, with a centre console, designated the ‘theatre’ option. Very much a bespoke motor car, customers were encouraged to personalise their purchase with almost limitless options. Lightly revised in 2008, the Phantom VII, as it became known continued in production until 2017 when the redesigned Phantom VIII arrived. The car was joined by a long wheelbase version in 2005 which was followed by a slightly smaller two door convertible ‘DHC’ in 2007 and a coupe option in 2008, both featuring rear hinged doors to aid access.
Since the launch in 2003, we have continued to ensure we offer the widest range of Rolls-Royce Phantom parts by continuing to invest in aftermarket and OEM alternatives. From Oil Filters to Suspension Arms, our inventory of Rolls-Royce Phantom parts is the best on the market.

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