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The ‘third generation’ Bentley Continental GT arrived in 2018. Extensively restyled, but keeping the original attractive profile, the car acquired a ‘cleaner’ appearance with the front and rear of the car undergoing major revision. The interior also saw a major overhaul, marrying the best traditional materials with the very latest technology.
Overall, the structure of the car was now lighter and the W12 engine had been revised to improve efficiency and an 8 speed automatic gearbox was added. A year later, the V8 engine became available as did the restyled convertible GTC. Completing the line-up in 2019 was the redesigned Flying Spur saloon. This model had changed the most in appearance and was now built on a completely new platform. Initially offered with the W12 engine, the V8 option followed shortly afterwards.


The Launch of the third generation Bentley Continental GT.

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