Blue sticker Flying Spares reconditioned parts are synonymous with quality, to the extent that Rolls-Royce and Bentley dealers use them. If you’re already a fan, we’ve got some great news: we’re expanding our Technical Services Division (TSD) to do more recon in-house… and the latest product group to get the TSD treatment is… starters and alternators.

If you’ve never tried Flying Spares reconditioned, then do. These high-end parts are at least as good as the original, sometimes better, as designs improve over time. They’re attractively priced and tick a lot of boxes in terms of sustainability and engineering preservation. Indeed, we’re so confident in the quality that we’re backing our new Flying Spares reconditioned starters and alternators with the same market-leading three-year warranty as our OEM and aftermarket parts.

Why starters and alternators? Well, mainly so we can control the quality. Every product we sell undergoes rigorous in-house testing, so we can see where there’s room for improvement. Frankly, as with hydraulics and drivetrains, we not only think we can do better, but we also know so! This isn’t something we’ve rushed into. We invested in some expensive workshop equipment back in 2021 – including an AD500 test machine – and have been training our technicians and refining our recon processes ever since.

We now have a unique Flying Spares reconditioning approach for every starter and alternator fitted to any Rolls-Royce or Bentley from 1946 onwards – a comprehensive service in the truest sense.


For alternators, each unit is fully stripped and inspected, before being put through an intense 4-stage cleaning process. All relevant parts are tested electronically and compared to manual specifications. Any damaged or worn components – commonly bearings, brush boxes, rectifiers, regulators, gaskets, o rings, seals, and terminals – are replaced as necessary.

Starters go through a similar strip, inspection, cleaning, and testing regime. Here, the components which commonly need replacing include bearings, drives, contacts, plungers, field coils, and bushes.

As a final touch, the starter or alternator will be painted for more pleasing aesthetics. Beauty is important, after all. Each unit is then re-tested and carefully packed for dispatch, along with a printed Flying Spares report, so you can see the performance for yourself.

As always, our knowledge of, and passion for, Rolls-Royce and Bentley shines through, with the overriding aim of keeping your car as close as possible to the day it rolled off the production line.

We’re incredibly proud of our new starters and alternators range, so trust Flying Spares in-house recon and fit with confidence.

You will find our reconditioned range of alternators and starter motors in the electrical section of our online catalogue. Rolls-Royce & Bentley Catalogues | Flying Spares