Early Series 1 Models (14 spline half shafts)

The early Series 1 models were fitted with 14 spline half shafts. It soon became apparent that the thickness of the shafts was insufficent and they were breaking. Later Series 1 and all Series 2 & 3 models were fitted with thicker 17 spline half shafts. If your shaft has snapped or the bearing is badly worn it is a strong indicator that there is an underlying problem with the differential and that replacing the shaft may not cure the fault. Prior to ordering parts please check whether your car has been modified to the later 17 spline Series 1 axle or the 17 spline Series 2 & 3 axle. If you have any concerns please contact us. In 2017 we took over Norman Geeson's axle building business (www.creweclassicsix.co.uk) and can offer a full half shaft and axle rebuilding service.