Upgrading your rear crank thrower to the later seal

All of the V8 engines from 1960 to 1979 were originally fitted with a thrower on the rear of the crankshaft. Over time sludge can accumulate in the thrower allowing oil to bypass the thrower. There are two solutions:

Fit a tray under the rear of the engine and the front of the gearbox to catch the oil.

Fit our rubber seal kit - as fitted as standard to all engines from 1979 onwards. The video above explains all.

Suitable for:

All V8 engine cars from Silver Cloud II / S2 through to late Silver Shadow II / T2 (introduction of B series engine)

You will require the following items:



Pry bar/chisel

7/16” socket


Extension for ratchet

3/16” Allen key and socket

UE7488LOAN tool


1 - Once you have removed the gearbox and ring gear this is the existing set up for the rear of the crank.Remove the 7 fixing bolts between the crankshaft cover (UE7488) and the crankcase.

2 - Remove the 2 bolts between the sump and the crankshaft cover. We recommend that the sump is removed and a new gasket (included in RH10046P kit) fitted.

3 - Remove the crankshaft cover (UE7488)

4 - Clean off mounting surface on rear of crankcase and fit new horseshoe gasket UE5214. Place rear crank seal mounting tool UE7488LOAN into rear of crankshaft. Fix UE7488LOAN tool in place using 2 ring gear bolts

5 - Slide new seal UE44273P and cover UE7488P over tool UE7488LOAN

6 - Remove tool UE7488LOAN

7 - Fit new allen bolts (by hand, tighten after dowels are located)

8 - Knock in the two locating dowels

9 - Replace the sump bolts by hand

10 - Tighten 3/16” allen bolts & sump bolts using a Ratchet

Please be aware that this kit is different to Bentley kit UE41408, which requires the thrower on the rear of the crankshaft to be removed and a new sleeve fitted, which requires the crankshaft to be removed from the engine. Our kit does not require this so can be fitted in situ without the need to remove the crankshaft.

We supply the modified backplate UE7488P as part of a kit UE7488KIT which includes all of the gaskets and seals that are required for the bottom and the rear of the engine. We recommend that all seals and gaskets are replaced as part of this modification.