To dismantle the rear brakes on a Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud, Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II, Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III & Bentley S1, Bentley S2, Bentley S3:

Raise the rear of the car using a hydraulic jack.

Remove the wheel and brake drum; if the drum is tight, screw two 1/4 in. U.N.F. setscrews into the tapped holes provided.

Pull the shoes from their steady posts and away from the adjuster plungers. Unhook the return spring adjacent to the expander from its anchor pin on the inter-shoe linkage. A loop is provided to enable the spring to be gripped with pliers.

It should be noted that on Phantom V rear brakes, no springs are fitted at the expander end of the brake shoes.

Remove the shoes, working the inter-shoe linkage out between the expander unit and the hub (see Fig. G26).

Disconnect the hydraulic pipe from the expander unit.

Release the lock-tab and remove the 2 B.A. setscrew securing the expander unit to its cover plate on the water excluder.

Remove the expander unit forward.

Remove the two setscrews and plain washers retaining the adjuster unit and remove the unit. Collect the distance pieces fitted between the water excluder and the carrier plate.

Please note, the rear brakes should only be dismantled by a qualified Rolls-Royce & Bentley specialist.