We are offering 15% off selected Thermostats, offer ends Wednesday 31st March

Our original style thermostats built with the fail-safe lead pellets, UE36600P (open at 88°C) & UE36600-78P (open at 78°C) are now back in stock ready for immediate despatch.

These thermostats are manufactured to the original design which includes a row of "fail-safe" lead pellets around the edge of the thermostat. If the car overheated and the thermostat failed/seized when closed then the lead pellets will melt allowing some coolant through. This feature is particularly valuable on the mid-range SY models that were not fitted with a coolant temperature gauge.

We have recently manufactured a second thermostat designed to open at the slightly lower temperature of 78°C. We have become increasingly aware of engine problems caused by engines running too hot. We feel that this may be caused in part by the increased ethanol content of modern fuels but we are definitely seeing an increase in problems related to the bottom half of the engine overheating. We believe that this thermostat, which opens 10 degrees lower than the standard thermostat, may help to alleviate some of these overheating issues.

Alongside our two thermostats, we have developed a tool to allow you to test the opening temperature of a thermostat should you wish to do so. If you fit this 78°C thermostat please be aware that the engine will run cooler and on later (post 1987 models) this may bring on the Check Engine light.

Please note that these are built to the correct original drawings which allow a full minimum opening travel distance of 9.5mm - unlike other thermostats that we have seen in the marketplace.


  1. UE36600P
    THERMOSTAT 88C (UE36600P)
    £90.25 £108.30
  2. UE36600-78P
    THERMOSTAT 78C (UE36600-78P)
    £90.25 £108.30
  3. UE73635P
    £4.50 £5.40
  4. UE70936L5
    COOLANT (5 Litres) (UE70936L5)
    £45.60 £54.72