We often hear of GTC's with the roof frame broken below the rear screen. The headlining cords break, which stops the hood fabric from pulling away from the roof mechanism. The fabric gets caught in the framework of the roof system, which damages the hood and can crack the roof frame.

As Bentley only supply a complete new hood, we have developed stronger frame brackets to repair the existing hood and prevent future cracking. CNC machined from one piece, our brackets are engineered to a higher degree than the originals.

Replacing just the brackets is an affordable option rather than buying the complete roof assembly at over £18,000.

These are applicable to the below models/convertible roof:

2007-2008 3W7871011C

2008-2011 3W7871011E

2011-2013 3W7871011J

2013-2016 3W7871011N

2016-2017 3W7871011P