Following numerous cylinder head gasket failures, Flying Spares have manufactured a replacement gasket (UE31004P) as an alternative to the Bentley Motors supplied/OEM version (07V103147). They are currently recommended for all V8 engine vehicles from 1959 to 1985.

In order to try to eliminate the failures of gaskets from leakage around the firing rings and silicon beading, we have upgraded the main gasket material to a very high-tech modern malleable medium whilst reverting to the original design with copper firing rings around the cylinders. The UE31004P gasket offers a degree of flexibility not permitted with the very rigid factory gasket, which was designed to be fitted to brand new engines. The flexibility of the material for the main gasket and the copper inserts allows it to mould into minor surface distortions and imperfections. This increases the sealing ability of the gasket without having to use any type of additional sealant.

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  1. UE31004P
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