The most innovative model to come from Crewe was undoubtedly the Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow and Bentley T Series which featured monocoque (front and rear subframes rather than a single chassis) construction for the first time, together with independent rear suspension, automatic self-levelling control, and disc brakes all round. Comprehensively equipped, and beautifully trimmed, these cars were the epitome of luxury.

Just over 40,000 models were built in a production run spanning 15 years, with the last model leaving Crewe 42 years ago.

Nowadays a Shadow, or a Bentley T as rolling restorations have become an affordable project and have gained popularity with a new generation of enthusiasts. Growing an already thriving community for this iconic motor car

Flying Spares are making sure we can provide the products you need to keep your pride and joy on the road. We take these responsibilities incredibly seriously and work tirelessly to make sure that we have the products you need to either help restore your car to its former glory or keep it wafting along.

Of the cars we have purchased throughout the years many have been sold as rolling restorations. But if a car was beyond economical repair, it would be carefully dismantled, bolstering our recycled stocks of rare and no longer available parts. By dismantling one wrecked Rolls-Royce or Bentley we keep at least another six on the road.

We passionately believe that every Rolls-Royce and Bentley, regardless of condition, is a piece of motoring history, and we consider it our duty to save as much of this original engineering as possible. Around 95% of the parts we strip can be recycled or reconditioned, and what’s left is properly disposed of.

Read about our company ethos Recycle To Preserve Keeping Classics On The Road

Every single part we strip from a salvaged car will be assessed. Anything that can leak, radiators, for example, will be smoke tested for holes. Anything that’s rusty, bumper irons, for example, will go through the sandblaster, and maybe also aqua blasted, then prepared and painted with stone guard so they look good as new and will stay that way for longer.

Anything brass or aluminium will go through our polishing machine to bring it back to its original condition All road wheels go on our wheel balancing machine and are tested for trueness. The steel ones from the 1950s-80s cars will then go away to be dipped in acid and powder coated – no one manufactures them anymore, so we are about the only source of these important parts.

We do a lot of work in-house through our Technical Services Division which will reclaim original units by reconditioning braking and steering hydraulics, electric window lift, and wiper motors. Starters, alternators, and dynamos to name but a few products.

Throughout every aspect of our work, we are proud to say that no other supplier can match our exceptional commitment to recycling. Read more about our Exceptional Commitment To Recycling

We’ve listed just a few examples of recycled parts for the Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow and Bentley T series models. All of which come with a 12-month warranty. Browse our full range