Quite often when a brake caliper needs replacing on a vehicle, it’s not the caliper housing itself that has failed, but one or more of the various moving parts that would have worn out. Discarding an original housing, or “core”, would result in a loss of the originality of your car and there is also the impact on the environment to think about.

At Flying Spares, we only use original Rolls-Royce and Bentley calipers as our core units. The core will go through a rigorous process to bring it back to life.

The unit will be stripped down, cleaned, and blasted with fine recycled glass to make sure all impurities are removed without damaging the casting. The core is then inspected, and zinc plated to protect it. Once this is complete the caliper will be reassembled using only the best parts available. New half bolts and gallery seals will be fitted along with new pistons. Pipe fittings will be retapped and hellicoiled where necessary. Once completed the caliper will be pressure tested at 2000PSI using the correct fluid.


You can find a full range of calipers for your Rolls-Royce or Bentley by selecting your vehicle and selecting the brake section of our online catalogue