New to the market, these are complete sets of pistons (including rings and pins) made for us in the UK by Omega Pistons

These pistons are not a replica of the original, but a new design using the best technology available today. They are made from a forged (rather than cast) alloy and incorporate a solid skirt (unlike the original split-skirt design) with a modern three ring pack and feature a lighter gudgeon pin. 

Our Omega pistons have been designed and extensively tested using state of the art techniques. Traditional less-precise piston manufacturing techniques, typical of the period 75 years ago in which the OEM piston was designed, can lead to piston “rock” which contributes to piston ring and groove wear. This leads to higher oil consumption, increases in gas blow-by and lower cylinder compressions often associated with poor starting. Omega Pistons do not suffer with such issues. Our research has established that most of the B60 engines have previously been worked on and this usually involved re-facing/decking/skimming of the cylinder block and/or cylinder head, on average by 0.010". Our pistons are 0.010" shorter than original in order to account for this machining which helps maintain the correct compression ratio.

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4.9 Litre Engine Pistons

Suitable for 1955 to 1959 models: Silver Cloud & Bentley S1 R Type Continental D & E Series & Silver Wraith

UE2965OM - Standard size

UE2969OM - 0.020" Over size

UE2973OM - 0.040" Over size


4.5 Litre Engine Pistons

Suitable for 1952 to 1955 models: Late MkVI & all R Type, R Type Continental A, B & C Series & Silver Dawn & Silver Wraith

RE14773OM - Standard size

RE15791OM - 0.015" Over size

RE15796OM - 0.040" Over size


4.25 Litre Engine Pistons

Suitable for 1946 to 1952 models: Early MkVI & Early Silver Dawn & Silver Wraith

RE13784OM - Standard size

RE13788OM - 0.020" Over size

RE13792OM - 0.040" Over size