The carburettor plays a pivotal role in helping your V8 engine deliver that famous Rolls-Royce and Bentley harmonious blend of power and refinement. Keeping the balance of air and fuel mixture right is key to the purring hum when you turn the key and fire up your vehicle.

SU carburetters enjoy longevity due to their exceptional quality when they were first manufactured from new, as with any complex component made up of moving parts, that are subjected to harsh environments there will come a time when reconditioning is required to restore it to its former glory, breathing new life back into your vehicle's engine.

At Flying Spares, our Technical Services Department has the right equipment, technical know-how, access to original specs, and data to restore a Rolls-Royce, Bentley HIF7 carburettor to its original factory standard.

This all begins with an old core carburettor that we have either reclaimed from a car being dismantled by the Flying Spares recycling team or have acquired through our many contacts across the globe.

The old carburettor is stripped down to individual components and then inspected. A rigorous cleaning process will then take place, through a six-stage cleaning system. Two chemical washes, a media blast clean and an ultra-sonic wash, abrasive wheel, and machine polish. We then use a digital scope camera to inspect the unit internally to make sure it is clear of debris.  The throttle butterfly valve surface to the main mounting body is lightly ground flat, using an engineer's flat plate, this will ensure a perfect mating surface for the gaskets to compress and seal when installed on the vehicle.

The carburetter is then rebuilt to factory spec using a full SU overhaul kit, replacing needles, jets, mixture, and throttle screws. The main float chamber cover is changed, this is due to historic warping of the original design. We also use ethanol-proof stay-up floats. The float and main jet heights are then set to the required specifications.

The carburettor is now as good as when it was first installed. We believe it is a superior product due to the modified float chamber cover and the ethanol-proof stay-up floats and are confident in our reconditioning process that we offer a 3-year warranty.

The SU HIF7 CARBURETTER is suitable for All Silver Shadow II & T models, Silver Spirit & Mulsanne models before September 1984


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