Recycling Rolls-Royce & Bentley Motor Cars

For over 25 years, Flying Spares has been recycling vehicles that have been accident damaged or are deemed to be beyond economical repair. As more and more factory parts become unavailable, these dismantled vehicles have become essential in keeping our customers’ cars on the road. With between forty to fifty cars on-site at any one time, we are the largest breakers of Rolls-Royce and Bentley motor cars in the world.


Here are our eight steps to recycling a Rolls-Royce or Bentley:

  • Step 1 – We are frequently contacted by owners looking to sell cars, often because the vehicle has fallen into state of disrepair and is uneconomical to restore.

  • Step 2 – If our offer for the car is accepted, we arrange for the vehicle to be collected and delivered to Flying Spares.

  • Step 3 – Once the car arrives on-site, it is assigned an FSD number (Flying Spares Dismantling) and registered on our in-house database. Photos and videos are taken and are later added to our website.



  • Step 4 – The vehicle is taken to our workshop for thorough testing of all mechanical and electrical components wherever possible. A comprehensive test report is then created and the condition of the engine is also determined at this point.

  • Step 5 –If the vehicle is judged to be in reasonable condition, we will offer it as a restoration project and add it to our website on the Cars For Sale page. Vehicles deemed beyond repair are relocated to await recycling by our dismantling team. We aim only to dismantle cars beyond economical repair and we will always offer vehicles up for sale if we believe they can be restored.



  • Step 6 – The car then makes its final journey to our workshop before being carefully dismantled. It takes roughly 1-2 weeks from start to finish for each car to be dismantled by our recycling team. A depollution sheet is filled out for each vehicle to ensure all fluid removed is logged and disposed of correctly. Aircon gas is decanted into pressurised containers, so can be reused if applicable (Old, out of date gases are disposed of safely). All waste including metals are disposed of and documented.



  • Step 7 – All parts recycled from the car are carefully tested to ensure they are in full working order. Parts are then cleaned up and booked into stock as ‘recycled’ parts; all these parts are sold with a 3-month guarantee. Other parts are sent away to be overhauled before being booked into stock as a 'Reconditioned' part, these are sold with a 12-month guarantee. We have a dedicated inhouse electrician on hand to test all electronic parts that are removed from the vehicles before going into stock. We also utilise the use of a smoke machine to test hoses and pipes, along with a wheel balancer to ensure wheels are true before being powdercoated. 



  • Step 8 - Finally the bare shell is then sent away to be recycled, we then have to produce a certificate of destruction to let the DVLA know that this vehicle no longer exists. You can view all the cars we have on-site awaiting to be dismantled by visiting our Currently Dismantling page. We also keep an archive of previously dismantled cars on our website.