For more than ten years we worked closely with fellow RRBSA member Dave Terry, who lived and worked in Holland. Dave sadly died in 2017.

Dave was a perfectionist and would always look to offer a solution or an improvement whenever faced with a technical or parts related problem. Together we worked on numerous projects with the resultant parts now manufactured and in stock. He was always generous with his time and invested heavily in passing on his knowledge to our apprentices and young technicians.

Recently we have been looking to continue Dave’s legacy by purchasing a car that we could use for function-fitting some of the aftermarket parts we produce. This would also allow us to carry out ongoing investigation of any other parts related issues we were made aware of. When we sourced a 1974 Silver Shadow in Holland for this purpose, it was only a matter of time before our workshop team considered it fitting to name the car in Dave’s honour.

Parts recently fitted and assessed include steering track rod end kits (TUV approved), reconditioned idler box, modified rear crank seal, modified engine oil pump, modified carburetter gasket, 78C thermostat, fully overhauled hydraulic system including recently produced seal kits, RR363, front suspension compliant & camber bushes and lower ball joints, electronic ignition, distributor cap, rotor arm and coil, electronic fuel pumps, headlamps, exhaust, bonnet pads, filters, steam valve, wheels & tyres, earth leads, pistons, liners and cylinder head gaskets.

We hope that the work we have put into Dave shows our continued commitment to the marque. We have always aimed to offer the widest possible range of parts and using Dave as a testing facility is a fitting way of both continuing Dave Terry’s legacy, whilst ensuring that quality remains at the forefront of everything we do.