We’re celebrating #EODay because we believe that when it comes to business, we’re #BetterTogether! Employee Ownership brings people together to promote resilience, inclusivity and sustainability in business.

What is EO Day?

EO Day is a national celebration of employee ownership on June 25, and a day to shout about why business is #BetterTogether for the individual, the business and the economy. Each EO Day, thousands of employee owners, EO businesses and supporters of Employee Ownership come together to raises awareness of the benefits of employee ownership.

What does employee ownership mean to Flying Spares?

The ownership of Flying Spares is in the form of an indirect employee ownership with 100% of the shares held collectively in a trust on behalf of the staff at Flying Spares. The founders of Flying Spares, Ben & Lucy Handford, chose the route of employee ownership as a way of securing the future succession of the business whilst provide job security to their employees.

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