1980-1990 Turbo Models

If either the rear brake discs (rotors) or wheel bearings need replacing then a specialist tool (RH9690) will be required to split the hub assembly because the yoke is pressed onto the stub axle. The man hour schedule recommends 8 hours to replace both rear brake discs and rebuild the hubs on SZ models. In our experience, given the age of these models, this work very often takes much longer. With this in mind we have for many years offered complete rebuilt hubs that allow this work to be carried out in a fraction of the time and without the need for any specialist tools.

Our reconditioning process involves the following work:

Splitting and strip down of complete hub
All components checked for serviceability
Sand blasting and painting of all components
Discarding of old brake disc and grease retainer
Hub rebuilt using the following new parts:
Brake disc (rotor)
Adjusting nut
Torque nut
Inner and outer wheel bearings
Modified hub oil seal and retainer
Felt washer
O ring

Please be aware that we supply our hubs on an exchange basis. They are heavy so please bear in mind shipping costs. It is very common for the rear hub to overheat causing the woodruff key to shear. This damages the stub axle and yoke meaning your surcharge will not be refunded.

Alternatively, if you would like to carry out this work yourself we loan out the rear hub extractors RH9690LOAN or RH9690DET. 

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