Rear Shock Absorbers & Springs

The road springs give your car its standing height. The hydraulic height control system is designed to operate only when load is added to the car. Standing on a flat surface and with the engine switched off the car should be level.

If your car is sitting low at the back end there are two principle causes:

1. The road springs have lost their tension; either packing pieces (a maximum of twenty 1.19mm thick spacers per side) can be fitted above and below the springs (maximum of three below the spring) to make up for the spring's softness or new springs can be fitted.

2. On earlier models (prior to VIN 16214) the rubber isolators that sit above the springs have collapsed causing the back end to sag. The most common solution is to fit the later style steel isolators which we list below in the Rear Isolator Modification tab.

The workshop manual TSD2476 Chapter H14 explains how to measure whether the car is sitting at the correct height.