If you are having problems with, or need parts for, the braking system of your Silver Shadow or Bentley T then you are on the right page!
In our experience this area of the car is the most misunderstood and causes the majority of headaches for mechanics and owners alike. We hope that you find what you need within this section and if you need help please just ask.
We have unrivalled expertise within our team of technicians who recondition the hydraulic parts you will see listed. All of these parts are fully tested on our own hydraulic rigs.
As part of our commitment to the marque, when Bentley Motors and Castrol decided to no longer produce the specialist fluid (RR363) that these vehicles require, we commissioned a leading brake fluid manufacturer to reproduce this fluid on our behalf.
The Silver Shadow & Bentley T (SY) range of cars are equipped with a power braking system and an automatic ride height control system, both of which use the same hydraulic fluid (RR363). Features of the system were licenced from Citroen Motors. If you are working on the braking system then it is absolutely essential that you are in possession of the Hydraulics section G of the Workshop Manual (TSD2476 for Series 1 models and TSD4200 for Series 2 models).
The hydraulic braking system originally consisted of two high pressure systems and one low pressure master cylinder system, all of which work simultaneously but independently. In 1975 the master cylinder system was deleted.
The high pressure systems are powered by two pumps situated in the V of the engine which run mechanically off the camshaft. The pressure is held within the nitrogen filled accumulator spheres and regulated by the accumulator valves, both of which are mounted to the side of the crankcase.
The height control system is controlled by the number two pressure circuit. It is designed to keep the car level regardless of the number of passengers or load in the boot (trunk). Originally there was a front and a rear height control system but the front system was deleted in 1969. With the car empty and unloaded it should be level. The height control system should only be required once load is added. If your car is sitting low then this is a suspension issue rather than a hydraulic issue.

Please note that from 1979 the Corniche and Camargue models (from VIN 50001) were fitted with the later hydraulic system that became standard on the Silver Spirit SZ range of cars from 1980. These cars use a mineral hydraulic fluid (UT13741PA). Parts for the braking system of these models are shown in the 1980 – 2003 catalogue. Under no circumstances can parts or fluids from the two systems be interchanged.