Currently Dismantling

Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow II 1977

Chassis: SRH30362

“Created by Crewe’s finest skilled craftsmen, back in 1977, this Silver Shadow II was originally presented in Moorland Green, with a matching Everflex roof. Later in life, one of its 11 custodians decided to refinish it in a shade of cream, complementing the interior colour. That was before a subsequent keeper decided to park the car in a garden, and leave it there for several years. During this time, corrosion has taken hold both above, and below, and many of the mechanical components have long since ceased to operate. There are also signs that the car is returning to it’s original green colour, though more ‘Moss’ than ‘Moorland’. In spite of all this, it is a remarkably complete example, even including the original toolkit and driver’s handbook. Our recycling team will be reaching for their protective clothing before removing many valuable parts.”