New Genuine & Aftermarket parts

We carry an unrivalled stock of new parts – both factory genuine and quality aftermarket parts.

The sale of Rolls-Royce Motors in 1998 resulted in the sale of the Rolls-Royce brand to BMW and the sale of the Bentley brand and Crewe factory to Volkswagen Audi.

This means that parts for all Bentley and pre-2003 Rolls-Royce models are supplied by Bentley Motors in Crewe, Cheshire under the “Crewe Genuine” brand.

Parts for post-2003 Rolls-Royce models are supplied by Rolls-Royce from their factory in Goodwood, West Sussex.

As the availabilty of genuine parts from Crewe diminishes at an alarming rate we are constantly seeking to manufacture parts to add to our aftermarket parts range. Where we can, we will try to use the OEM supplier. Where this is not possible we aim to produce an aftermarket part that is equal, if not better, than the original. This is backed up by our three year warranty on all aftermarket parts.

Part Number We use the genuine part number to identify these parts We add a P (Pattern) at the end of the genuine part number to identify these parts
Warranty New genuine parts are covered by a 1 year warranty All of our aftermarket parts are covered by a minimum 3 year warranty
Other Information
  • Over 190,000 genuine parts on our database
  • World’s largest stock of genuine parts outside of the factories & franchised dealer network
  • Up-to-date factory stock availability & pricing displayed on this website
  • Constant monitoring of customer demand to ensure maximum availability
  • Long-term investment policy to ensure future supply of parts
  • We are always looking to purchase stocks of obsolete parts
  • Over 8,000 aftermarket parts in our inventory
  • We follow a rigorous testing and quality procedure, from obtaining the original working drawings to final fit & function and material checks
  • An invaluable alternative to expensive or NLA genuine parts
  • All Safety Critical parts manufactured in UK & Europe
  • Many OE parts sourced direct from manufacturer
  • Modern materials & manufacturing techniques often allow us to improve on the original part