Chassis Number References

This is an explanation of what the chassis number of your car means. For example :

Chassis Number S R H 1 2 3 4 5
Key 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

1. The first letter denotes the body type :

S Standard Steel Saloon
L Long Wheelbase Saloon
C Two Door Saloon
D Two Door Drophead (Early Drophead cars before VIN 6646 carried a C prefix)
P Phantom VI
J Camargue

2. The second letter differentiates between Rolls-Royce and Bentley :

R Rolls-Royce
B Bentley

3. The third letter denotes right or left hand drive and also breaks down the American models into years :

H Right Hand Drive (Home market)
X Left Hand Drive (Export market)
A North America 1972 model year
B North America 1973 model year
C North America 1974 model year
D North America 1975 model year
E North America 1976 model year
F North America 1977 model year
G North America 1978 model year
K North America 1979 model year
L North America 1980 model year

4 - 8. The five digits represent the series number. 1001 being the first number issued. We have listed below some key model changes and the number at which they were introduced :

3000 Saginaw power steering pump fitted
4483 GM400 gearbox fitted to all cars
7404 Front height control deleted
7500 Air Conditioning fitted as standard
8742 6.75 Litre engine introduced (denoted by SYL engine number) - Single point distributor introduced
9658 Central door locking introduced
11466 Long stroke front dampers introduced
13485 Compliant front suspension introduced
14674 Camargue introduced
15950 Ventilated front brake discs introduced
18269 Flared wheel arch introduced (Saloon)
18563 Flared wheel arch introduced (Corniche)
22118 Master cylinder deleted - Opus electronic ignition introduced
30001 Silver Shadow II / T2 introduced
34573 Headlamp wash/wipe introduced
37187 Later exhaust system introduced
39628 approx Later B Series engine introduced (SZ engine number)