Chassis Number References

Listed below are modifications made to the cars and the approximate Chassis number of their introduction.
Date Details MkVI/ R Type Silver Dawn SWB Silver Wraith LWB Silver Wraith
November 1946 First MkVI produced B2AK
February 1947 First SWB Silver Wraith produced WTA1
April 1948 First RR Silver Dawn produced SBA2
Low lift camshaft BDA2
Lucas windscreen wiper motor BDA2 WDC1
3/8" cylinder head studs (previously 5/16") B95DZ WDC31
LHF window winder B117DZ
Radiator heated demister B193DZ WFC1
Dip and switch headlamps B193DZ WDC38
Modified under-seat heater B193DZ WDC100
Split skirt pistons B2EY WDC1
Trico windscreen washer B1FU WHD1
August 1950 Later brake system introduced B1GT SCA1 WME1
Reduced speed fan B213GT LSCA9 WHD77
Large bore carburetters (SU) B83HP
July 1951 4.5 litre engine (3 & 5/8" bore), full flow oil filter, 11" clutch B2MD LSFC2 WOF1
Twin exhaust (RHD cars) B2MD
January 1952 First LWB Silver Wraith produced ALW1
Single choke Zenith carburetter WSG7
June 1952 First R Type Continental produced BC1A
Later type headlamp B169NY LSHD56
3 position heater & demister switches B311NY SFC94 WSG45
Rear window demister B311NY
First R Type produced B2RT
August 1952 Last MkVI produced B301PU
Bigger boot B2RT SKE2
Two speed windscreen wiper B2RT WVH1
6.75 compression ratio head B93TO SMF62
Flywheel inertia ring on cars with automatic gearbox B236WH CLW24
November 1953 Last SWB Silver Wraith produced WVH116
12/41 rear axle B1YA SRH2
Twin exhaust system SRH2
July 1954 3 & 3/4 " bore engine (R Type Continental) BC1D
October 1954 4" longer bonnet BLW39
February 1955 Last R Type produced B250ZY
April 1955 Last Silver Dawn produced SVJ133
Last R Type Continental produced BC9E
October 1955 S Type engine used ELW1
December 1956 8:1 compression ratio engine FLW60
January 1958 Last LWB Silver Wraith produced GLW26