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We are constantly sourcing vehicles for dismantling, which has allowed us to build up a vast stock of used parts for every Rolls-Royce and Bentley motor car from 1945 to the present day.

The cars shown below have already made their final journey and have been carefully dismantled.

If you own, or know of, a car that is beyond economical repair please let us know - there may even be a Finders Fee available!

You can also find all our cars we are currently dismantling and cars we have dismantled on our Official YouTube Channel.  

Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Flying Spares

Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow : FSD-272

Chassis No: -

More Details & Pictures here 

"Living in a field in Lancashire for over 20 years is not the best thing for a late 60’s Silver Shadow. Having been prised from the earth and transported to our premises, the front subframe and engine literally fell out of this car as it was lifted on to our ramp. The remaining salvageable parts have now been removed (there weren’t many!) and the rest has been thrown away."


Bentley Turbo R Flying Spares

Bentley Turbo R : FSD-269

Chassis No: SCBZP15C3VCH59197

More Details & Pictures here 

"This late model Turbo R was first registered in 1997 and was in fine condition prior to the accident. We are told that an icy road and a roundabout were involved and although serious injuries were sustained, the occupants thankfully survived the impact. The remaining undamaged components will be removed for recycling."


Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith II Flying Spares

Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith II : FSD-255

Chassis No: LRH34945

More Details & Pictures here 

"This is a rare Silver Wraith II in need of extensive cosmetic restoration. It does have the benefit of a current MOT, valid until November 2015. Suitable for an enthusiast who can see beyond the current state of the car, but also a useful source of parts so could go either way. Sadly has now been completely recycled for spares."


Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Flying Spares

Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow : FSD-253

Chassis No: -

More Details & Pictures here 

"This 1976 Silver Shadow has been living in the New Forest for several years and time has not been kind to it. Needless to say, it is beyond restoration in every way but will provide some useful parts for reconditioning purposes."


Bentley Arnage Green Label Blue Flying Spares

Bentley Arnage Green Label : FSD-250

Chassis No: SCBLB51E6XCH02675

More Details & Pictures here 

"It is quite rare for us to acquire an Arnage for breaking. This is a 1999 ‘Green Label’, fitted with the earlier BMW 4.4 litre V8 engine. Severe accident damage to the rear has rendered the car uneconomical to repair so it will be recycled to provide much needed parts."


Bentley Turbo R Light Blue Flying Spares

Bentley Turbo R : FSD-249

Chassis No: TBC

More Details & Pictures here 

"Pictured as it arrived, what can we say about this example? Originally a Turbo R, we believe it to be an abandoned project with suggestions that it was once intended to convert it into a two door coupe, amongst other things. It is said that the rear end was removed to create a piece of furniture and yet parts of the engine appear to have been finely detailed. We plan to salvage what we can, then throw the rest of it away."


Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit Gold Flying Spares

Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit : FSD-246

Chassis No: SCAZSOOO9BCX02943

More Details & Pictures here 

"This 1981 Silver Spirit is a left hand drive model which was originally exported to Germany. At some point, the car found its way to Nigeria where it was resident for a few years, before returning to west London. It was then left standing for some time, before being acquired by ourselves. Well beyond economical restoration, the car has now been recycled, providing useful parts for other roadworthy vehicles, including a potential left hand drive conversion."


Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow White Flying Spares

Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow : FSD-244

Chassis No: SRH9811

More Details & Pictures here 

"This Silver Shadow, first registered in 1971, had been with the previous owner since 1996, but, as with many of the cars we acquire, it has been unused for many years. It may have been possible to rescue this example if it had been discovered a couple of years earlier, but it has unfortunately now passed the point of no return and will be recycled in the near future."


Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Brown Flying Spares

Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow : FSD-241

Chassis No: SRH23371

More Details & Pictures here 

"Left standing for several years, this car has suffered in the usual way, and is now suitable only for recycling. A late flared arch model, it will provide a range of useful parts to keep other examples running."


Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow II Flying Spares

Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow II : FSD-238

Chassis No: SRH30716

More Details & Pictures here 

"This is an early Siver Shadow II model, classed as an ‘abandoned restoration project’. As is often the case, work commenced some years ago and, as can be seen in the photographs, much time was spent on preparation. However, due to lack of time and other commitments, the project was slow to progress and eventually came to a complete standstill. It has been decided that the components of this car will benefit other more worthy examples."


Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit Silver Flying Spares

Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit : FSD-235

Chassis No: SCAZSOOA8JCH24281

More Details & Pictures here 

"This Silver Spirit was first registered in 1988, but has been standing, unused, for the past 4 or 5 years. As is often the case, a number of mechanical components have now failed and together with the damage to the bodywork, the car is no longer economical to return to the road. It will therefore be recycled."


Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit Silver Blue Flying Spares

Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit : FSD-234

Chassis No: SCAZSOOAOJCH24324

More Details & Pictures here 

"A 1988 Silver Spirit which has unfortunately been damaged in an accident, well beyond economical repair. At this age and condition, the car is now only suitable as a source of parts to keep other similar vehicles on the road."


Bentley Mulsanne Turbo Green Flying Spares

Bentley Mulsanne Turbo : FSD-228

Chassis No: GCH16169

More Details & Pictures here 

"A 1986 Bentley Mulsanne Turbo, recently extracted from a lock-up garage in the London area. A pre-injection model, this car has been unused for some time and a cosmetic restoration appears to have been started, but then abandoned. A look through the pictures show the state of the car, as it arrived. The amount of work required to restore it would not make a worthwhile project so the dismantling team are ready to rescue the good bits."


Rolls Royce Silver Shadow Blue Flying Spares

Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow : FSD-226

Chassis No: SRH26061

More Details & Pictures here 

"This 1976 Silver Shadow is a late ‘flared arch’ model. The former keeper has owned the car since 1991 but, as with many cars like this, it has been standing unused for the last couple of years. The body and underside of the car are quite corroded and there are a number of malfunctioning electrical items throughout the vehicle. Uneconomical to return to the road, this car will now provide parts for other Silver Shadows."


Rolls Royce Silver Spirit Blue Flying Spares

Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit : FSD-224

Chassis No: SCAZS0002ECH09594

More Details & Pictures here 

"A 1984 Silver Spirit which has been standing unused for a number of years. The car is beyond economical restoration but has been identified as a suitable donor car for an accident damaged Spirit abroad. The relevant parts are about to be removed and shipped out for the repairs to the other car to take place."


Bentley MkVI Flying Spares

Bentley MkVI : FSD-223

Chassis No: B238 LJ

More Details & Pictures here 

"What can we say about this once fine Bentley MK VI? Obviously in a bad way, it has recently arrived from America, having been stored for many years. However, investigations have so far revealed that the car is fitted with an excellent ‘R’ type engine together with a good gearbox. We will endeavour to salvage any remaining useable parts - and then throw the rest away."


Rolls Royce Silver Shadow White Brown Flying Spares

Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow : FSD-220

Chassis No: SRH23278

More Details & Pictures here 

"This is a late flared arch Silver Shadow, first registered in 1976 and with the previous owner for 18 years. Another car that has been standing for some time, it is currently being assessed in our workshops. The recorded mileage is just over 77,000 although this cannot be guaranteed. The car has a particularly unusual interior in brown leather, piped in white, and is also fitted with a matching brown everflex roof."


Bentley Brooklands Blue Flying Spares

Bentley Brooklands : FSD-216

Chassis No: SCBZE20C8VCH59778

More Details & Pictures here 

"This beautiful low mileage late model Bentley Brooklands has unfortunately been damaged (at the rear) beyond economical repair. Particularly well cared for prior to the accident, the front of the car and engine are in exceptional condition, commensurate with the recorded mileage of 13,000. The interior is also immaculate and the car will now provide a useful source of excellent quality used parts for other similar models."


Bentley Continental GT Black Flying Spares

Bentley Continental GT : FSD-215

Chassis No: SCBCE63W57C044105

More Details & Pictures here 

"First registered in 2006, this Bentley Continental GT is a ‘Mulliner Specification’ model. Severely accident damaged, and obviously unable to return to the road, it will provide a useful supply of parts for similar vehicles. The car is already in our workshops being dismantled to satisfy advance orders, such is the demand for parts for these cars. The engine was unaffected in the accident and starts and runs as it should. Enquiries for the remaining parts are welcome."


Rolls Royce Silver Shadow Blue Flying Spares

Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow : FSD-211

Chassis No: SRH7362

More Details & Pictures here 

"An earlier Silver Shadow, first registered in 1969 and fitted with the 6230cc engine. Originally purchased by the previous owner for restoration, he decided he would prefer a later Shadow 11 instead. This car is in particularly original condition, and has the added benefit of a full ‘Webasto’ fabric sliding sunroof. A potential restoration project, it does require some expenditure, but this would result in a lovely ‘period’ motor car. The alternative is an appointment with our dismantlers."


Bentley S3 Blue Silver Flying Spares

Bentley S3 : FSD-207

Chassis No: B20 JP

More Details & Pictures here 

"A late S3, first registered in August, 1965. Previously well maintained but now beyond economical restoration, this car is now being used as a test vehicle in our workshops so that we can assess the suitability of components prior to adding them to our stock. As with the 1951 Bentley MKVI (FSD167), we are happy to offer parts from the car that do not immobilise it."


Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II Blue Flying Spares

Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow II : FSD-206

Chassis No: SRH0041221

More Details & Pictures here  

"This is one of the last Silver Shadow II’s produced being registered in November 1980. It has a comprehensive, but not complete service history, and was in regular use until a couple of years ago. Now in need of some serious attention to the body, the interior and the mechanics, the cost of which may well prove uneconomical. Due for assessment shortly, it is likely that this car will be recycled as a valuable source of parts."

Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow II White Flying Spares

Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow II : FSD-205

Chassis No: SRH31080

More Details & Pictures here  

"This 1977 Silver Shadow II has been in regular use until quite recently, both privately, and also for a number of weddings. It was driven a distance of around 80 miles to us, although our driver did comment that a number of functions were not working. The car has an MOT certificate until April 2014 and it could possibly be returned to the road by a dedicated enthusiast. Otherwise, it will head to our dismantling tgeam for careful recycling."

Bentley Turbo Green Flying Spares

Bentley Turbo : FSD-203

Chassis No: SCBZSOTA5JCH22141

More Details & Pictures here  

"An accident damaged Bentley Turbo R, first registered in 1987. This car was in regular use, prior to the accident and is in good condition for the year with a particularly well preserved interior. Now beyond economical repair, this Turbo R will be heading to our recycling department to provide a useful source of parts."

Rolls-Royce Silver Spur Silver Flying Spares

Rolls-Royce Silver Spur : FSD-202

Chassis No: SCAZNOOO4CCH04692

More Details & Pictures here  

"This is an early Silver Spur, first registered in 1983. The engine runs particularly smoothly, but the car would need considerable expenditure to return to its former glory. Realistically, this car is likely to be dismantled to provide parts for more roadworthy examples."

Bentley T1 Green Flying Spares

Bentley T1 : FSD-201

Chassis No: SBH26163

More Details & Pictures here  

"Here we have one of the last Bentley T1 models, first registered in 1976. Originally finished in green, with a dark green Everflex roof, the car also features a rare and unusual green velour interior. Another car that has been left to stand for many years but being undercover for most of this time, it may still be possible to save it from our dismantlers. The car is showing a recorded mileage of just over 100,000 and also has a large history file."

Bentley T1 White Flying Spares

Bentley T1 : FSD-199

Chassis No: SBH4187

More Details & Pictures here  

"This is a particularly poor example of a Bentley T1 which has sadly been neglected for numerous years with the majority of parts already removed."

Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Silver

Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow : FSD-196

Chassis No: SRH10059

More Details & Pictures here  

"A Silver Shadow from the early 70's, this is another car that has been standing, open to the elements, for several years. Now well beyond repair, it will be a useful source of parts for other Shadows after careful dismantling by our recycling team."

Bentley Turbo R Red

Bentley Mulsanne Turbo : FSD-193

Chassis No: SCBZSOTOZDCH07060

More Details & Pictures here  

"This is an early Bentley Mulsanne Turbo from 1983. Standing for some time, the bodywork is suffering from substantial corrosion. The car is also in need of major mechanical work making it well beyond economical repair, so it will be heading for our recyling department as a source of parts for similar models."

Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow II Green

Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow II : FSD-191

Chassis No: SRH0039384

More Details & Pictures here  

"A later model Silver Shadow II that has been standing for several years. The interior, which was in fine condition, has been removed and installed in another car. The remainder of the car is currently being dismantled in our workshop."

Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Green

Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow : FSD-190

Chassis No: SRH16245

More Details & Pictures here  

"This is a particularly poor example of a 1974 Silver Shadow. Standing for several years, the car has deteriorated to a state where restoration is no longer feasible, but it is still a valuable source of components for more roadworthy examples."