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As a growing company we are always on the look-out for the very best people to join our team. If you are interested in a position with Flying Spares, please register your interest and send a copy of your CV to lucy@flyingspares.co.uk. Please make it clear the role for which you are best qualified:

- Sales Adviser

- Mechanic/Dismantler

- Warehouse Operative

- Logistics

- Accounts

- Marketing





We are currently looking for a Purchaser with Automotive experience. The main responsibility will be to oversee the purchase of parts that are new to our range. The principal responsibilities will be in identifying which parts to find a manufacturer for, to liaise with the Quality Control dept to create a supplier pack, to liaise with the manufacturer, collate quotes, obtain samples, liaise with QC to sign off samples, to check (alongside QC) stock delivery, to liaise with the marketing team with regard to pricing, promotion and web listings. A strong technical/ quality background would be an advantage as would knowledge of existing automotive manufacturers.

Workshop Assistant

Within our busy workshops we currently need someone to assist with the dismantling and cleaning of parts. The successful candidate will need basic mechanical skills/ experience. The day-to-day responsibilities will include dismantling of parts, cleaning of parts (using pressure washer, Aquablaster & oil bath), sandblasting, parts assembly and painting/ spraying.