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Testimonials - What Rolls-Royce & Bentley Enthusiasts Say About Flying Spares

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We don’t enjoy such a great reputation by sitting on our laurels. Everyone makes mistakes, and we believe that learning from mistakes can make us even better. So, if you’re ever less than 100% satisfied, please contact us so we have the chance to put things right.

We also really appreciate your positive feedback, and you’ll find a selection of comments from satisfied customers below. If you’re pleased with the service you have received, please also contact us. It makes going the extra mile even more rewarding. 

"I’m just writing to thank you for the excellent service provided by Flying Spares as a whole...parts arrive in S.W. France in a blink of the eyes beyond twenty-four hours later. Needless to say, to satisfy any future enquiries for RR and Bentley parts for our clients, Flying Spares will be our go to supplier."

From Drew on 26th October 2017

"I want to thank you all for quality parts. Friendly service and fast delivery."

From RW on 5th October 2017

"As usual FS is the best!"

From GL on 3rd August 2017

"Great FAST PROFESSIONAL Service As Al‎ways."

From JA on 22nd March 2017

"Once again I must compliment you and others for an excellent service that you provide."

From JM on 23rd November 2016

"First order. Very impressed with the service, keep it up."

From NF on 26th October 2016

"3 days is considered very fast specially when the item is delivered from GB to UAE in Middle East. It was a very great experience to deal with your company. Thanks for everything."

From SZ on 4th September 2016

"Even when things go wonky (and they will!) you, at FS respond with simplicity, goodness and Elegance. For we (lucky ones) who try to keep these cars on the road your excellence at every level inspires and is good."

From GL on 2nd September 2016

"Thanks so much!"

From JA on 26th August 2016

"Great service!"

From RW on 26th August 2016

"I would like to give big THANK YOU to entire Flying Spares team for outstanding service! I received my part today around noon (only after few hours after I placed the order). Wonderful! Thank you!"

From AM on 26th August 2016

"Excellent service and spot-on, as always."

From NJ on 25th August 2016

"Just a quick note to say how happy I am with the service from Flying Spares. Truly one of the best businesses I have ever dealt with!!"

From TR on 23rd June 2016

"I’m really amazed at the exceptional service from Flying Spares. Thank you for the efficient manner in which this order is managed."

From PS on 15th June 2016

"Thanks for your fast work. Really appreciate your amazing service and help in this order. You guys are first class."

From VM on 2nd June 2016

"Thank you for your continuing great service and parts. I will spread the word to all my Bentley friends about you and your great service, on-time deliveries, and excellent knowledge about Bentley Parts. Keep up the great work"

From WL on 27th May 2016

"Really appreciate the professionalism of your company"

From CR on 26th May 2016

"Best extra money spent for shipping!!! Thanks for everything."

From JF on 20th May 2016

"Thanks for a great service."

From DD on 18th May 2016

"Parts arrived exactly what was required and excellent customer service."

From ND on 10th May 2016

"The goods arrived safe and well a few minutes ago - very efficient!"

From TJ on 3rd May 2016

"I just wanted to write and thank Flying Spares again for continued amazing service. You guys all do an outstanding job and in this case, I’d particularly like to thank Dave Hughes, who has patiently helped me through a journey of discovery on working out the correct parts, and also sorting out a part damaged in transit. Also, I don’t know how you get such cheap rates with UPS for amazing delivery speed. From Market Bosworth to Sydney in Australia in under 72 hours is just amazing. Australia post can’t get a letter from one side of Sydney to the other in fewer than about 5 days! Anyway, thanks so much again. You guys are the ONLY company I use for RR parts."

From JG on 19th April 2016

"All in all Flying Spares were there with the parts, delivered them quickly and there was further help from technical support, the people I dealt with were knowledgeable, helpful and courteous."

From CL on 18th April 2016

"Thank you for the quick efficient service I received."

From CW on 17th March 2016

"Service was outstanding I will be using you in the future."

From PW on 8th March 2016

"Parcel delivered this morning! This is fantastic : warm congratulations, and thank you very much indeed."

From PM on 3rd March 2016

"Thanks for sending the valve out, its arrived with us already!! What a service!!"

From SC on 23rd February 2016

"Thank you for the fantastic customer service"

From JW on 17th February 2016

"Thanks very much for a very good service"

From TG on 12th January 2016

"Many thanks for the SUPER fast service"

From JG on 30th December 2015

"Excellent service by Flying Spares as normal"

From DW on 22nd December 2015

"Thanks for your good work"

From YY on 10th December 2015

"Fantastic service many thanks"

From JB on 9th December 2015

"I received the package yesterday, thank you very much"

From JB on 3rd December 2015

"We received the parts ordered yesterday! That is seriously quick postage, thank you"

From AD on 25th November 2015

"Warp speed delivery!!!! Faster than any Star Wars spaceship....Got the armrest this morning"

From ML on 12th November 2015

"Brilliant service! and very well packaged, enough bubble wrap to keep us occupied for hours! I am well impressed with the items...many thanks"

From PW on 9th September 2015

"Thank you SO much for your prompt supply of the Speedo. It arrived 20 hours later. Fitted, and works!!!!!!"

From NF on 25th August 2015

"Many thanks to all, great service!"

From IKM on 13th August 2015

"Thank you very much for this exceptional service received from Flying Spares. It is really a pleasure dealing with a competent Supplier."

From ES on 13th August 2015

"Very satisfied with the product and the prompt delivery from you, thanks a lot! It has been a great pleasure to do business with you."

From JV on 1st July 2015

"Perfect. I'd just like to thank you both for the terrific service. I will have no hesitation recommending your company."

From LP on 8th June 2015

"Thank you all for the good job."

From PM on 4th June 2015

"How quick! An impressive service, many thanks."

From TT on 4th June 2015

"Excellent service – as usual."

From WH on 2nd June 2015

"Thanks to the whole team and appreciate all the assistance."

From KP on 22nd May 2015

"Thank you very much for all your help with providing parts for my Bentley Arnage. I was very pleased with your service and assistance...I would just like to offer you my sincerest thanks and gratitude for your work."

From SA on 4th May 2015

"Just amazing."

From BS on 24th April 2015

"Thanks so much to you and your team for a perfect service!."

From PG on 24th April 2015

"Thank you for the very quick delivery."

From CL on 17th March 2015

"Thanks for a very good quality service to all the team."

From GM on 12th March 2015

"Fantastic service."

From BST on 10th March 2015

"Very efficient service provided by Flying Spares."

From RG on 9th March 2015

"Parts arrived safely. Thank you for quickly sending it."

From KT on 7th March 2015

"Thank you for your good service."

From DC on 6th March 2015

"Thank so much for your help once again! Really satisfied with the service provided."

From WS on 6th March 2015

"Already here in Dubai brilliant service."

From RG on 5th March 2015

"We're so grateful you've been able to help."

From BAH on 25th February 2015

"Exactly what I was expecting...I shall certainly recommend your services to my myriad of car club members."

From ND on 14th February 2015

"Excellent service."

From WC on 29th January 2015

"Great Customer Service. Many thanks. Brilliant service as usual."

From BT on 27th January 2015

"Thank you so much. I have received the goods and am very impressed by your service"

From CD on 3rd December 2014

"The parts arrived today in excellent condition. Thank You."

From DC on 27th November 2014

"Late yesterday afternoon I ordered some spare parts... They arrived this morning before 10 am. THAT'S WHAT I CALL SERVICE!!!!"

From HK on 20th November 2014

"My parts were delivered promptly. Many thanks for the excellent service, both from the gentleman on the phone and your despatch team. Now all I have to do is get the old girl running again."

From DA on 31st October 2014

"Thanks again for the explanation and for your kind patience in bearing with me. I really appreciate it tremendously and commend you. Many thanks, as always and looking forward to the next order."

From KB on 28th October 2014

"Thanks for the great service as my order arrived today would you please thank all the staff for the effort."

From KS on 17th October 2014

"Thanks for your prompt reply – it is nice to know someone still supplies service and civility."

From BS on 5th June 2014

"Your service is first class, thank you"

From KH on 14th May 2014

"It's a pleasure to do business with you and I will be sure to inform my RROC members what a great experience I had with Flying Spares"

From IS on 23rd April 2014

"Just a quick thank you for my parts great deal"

From SH via LiveChat on 17th April 2014

"Many thanks for the excellent service from your company particular"

From BM on 16th April 2014

"It's always a pleasure to do business with you and on this particular occasion, your service was so quick my parts were here in 3 days! Thanks again"

From RK on 13th April 2014

"Thank you (and everyone else at Flying Spares), very much for a fast and extremely informative service."

From RH on 28th March 2014

"Excellent service, thanks"

From AR on 27th March 2014

"Thank you for excellent assistance!"

From EC on 27th March 2014

"We would like to express our deep thanks to you for your help and your utmost efficiency in carrying out our order."

From EW on 12th March 2014

"Thank you for your prompt postage…So I'm glad I found them through you, and will recommend you to anyone who needs this easy to lose part."

From PB on 11th March 2014

"I would like to thank you for your assistance and support, and I wish to continue our cooperation in the future."

From IA on 19th February 2014

"Thank you very much for your quick answer. I also appreciate your excellent disposition to help, and hope FS will go on supplying parts for my cars for many, many years."

From RB on 13th February 2014

"Very easy website and great to be able to pay with PayPal. Thanks a lot for your help."

From JP on 11th February 2014

"You give one hell of a service."

From DA on 10th February 2014

"Thanks for the excellent service."

From DC on 7th February 2014

"Fantastic service, really impressed."

From JM on 17th January 2014

"I have been working on my Rolls-Royce Phantom V now for 5 years and would highly recommend using Flying Spares for any of your parts needs. They are an exceptional business."

From Retro-Rolls • Rolls-Royce Owner’s Forum on 20th December 2013

"You all run a first class operation and I am very appreciative of your years of service to me as I restore my Phantom."

From WK on 20th December 2013

"Great, many thanks. You're a star."

From JG on 4th December 2013

"I spoke about your company at our Rolls-Royce Club Christmas Dinner and have been invited to write a small article for our magazine so that all of the members will know about you."

From VS on 3rd December 2013

"Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Flying Spares for the very fast delivery of the fuel accumulator pipe, excellent service."

From CM on 8th November 2013

"I appreciate the promptness and accuracy of your service"

From JH on 1st November 2013

"Superb service, Thank you"

From KG on 24th October 2013

"Thank you for the quick dispatch"

From RO on 9th October 2013

"Great service!"

From NB on 2nd October 2013

"It's been a pleasure doing business with you."

From JN on 1st October 2013

"What an amazing website! You have everything to keep a these vehicles on the road."

From RG on 27th September 2013

"Just a quick email to say thank you for your quick service, it is hard to believe I can receive items quicker from the likes of yourselves, than I can from the other side of Australia. To receive items in 7 days from the UK is good."

From MJ on 24th September 2013

"Thank you and your company for your fine service."

From DD on 13th September 2013

"Packed well and they arrived this afternoon in great condition."

From MW on 6th September 2013

"Cheers for the great work your doing to keep my old Silver Shadow going...She was ready for the scrap heap but she's back with the help of you guys...Cheers"

From RH on 31st August 2013

"Thank you very much"

From SS (USA) on 21st August 2013

"You always send my goods on time, well packed"

From RL (USA) on 19th August 2013

"Thanks for your great service."

From KD (Australia) on 17th August 2013

"Thank you very much for everything."

From LH on 31st July 2013

"Always very professional towards my enquiries"

From GS on 16th July 2013

"You're the best"

From RB on 28th June 2013

"Thank you for your first class service"

From CT on 18th June 2013

"Thank you very much for your professionalism"

From L B-D on 12th June 2013

"Thank you again for truly stellar service from Flying Spares"

From WK on 9th June 2013

"Thanks for your good service"

From BS on 27th May 2013

"Brilliant service"

From KS on 21st May 2013

"Many thanks for such a great service"

From BT on 21st May 2013

"Parts have arrived in Australia without fuss, thanks guys, great service!"

From RA on 17th May 2013

"Thanks for making it so easy."

From SG on 7th May 2013

"Many thanks! You guys are amazing. Everything I've asked for you've been able to find very quickly, either new or used. Your customer service is 10/10. Unusual to find these days."

From JG on 10th April 2013

"The parts arrived yesterday. Just a short note to thank you for your help and fast service in sending out my Rolls-Royce order."

From JR (USA) on 9th April 2013

"I am just writing to say thank you for my recent purchase. The new checkout is quite impressive and worked well. As always the goods were all there, undamaged and carefully packed and arrived in good time."

From CC (Australia) on 9th April 2013

"It's always a pleasure doing business with your firm. Here in Canada, it's really difficult to procure parts for my '71 Shadow."

From SE (Canada) on 25th March 2013

"Thank you for getting back to me so quickly."

From RC (USA) on 22nd March 2013

"I’m always glad to see as your company is progressing in a better and better direction."

From DV (Hungary) on 21st March 2013

"Thank you for your great service. It’s always a pleasure to do business with you."

From MF (Sweden) on 13th March 2013

"Thank you so much for taking the time to write to me. I truly value the service that your company has given me as a customer. Your people are absolutely EXCELLENT in what they do. You most assuredly have a loyal patron here! Thank you all for your efforts."

From DW on 12th March 2013

"The spares I ordered at the beginning of the week are already here. Great Service, Cheers."

From HS-C on 23rd February 2013

"Thanks for the great service and professionalism you have been providing me here in the United States."

From RR on 5th February 2013

"All the bits arrived in good order a couple of days ago. Very very fast! I ordered some items from ******** also and have not heard from them or seen a package as yet, so your customer service standards are leaving the rest behind."

From J on 21st January 2013

"Thank you for an excellent service."

From DP on 14th January 2013

"Parcel received this morning…incredibly fast only after ordering on Wednesday!"

From P on 11th January 2013

"Thanks for saving my life a couple of times this year. Service much appreciated. Have a great Christmas and even better New Year."

From JM on 19th December 2012

"You and UPS are doing a great job. Thank you very much for your efforts."

From RS on 17th December 2012

"The radiator arrived as promised early Saturday morning and I had it fitted shortly after lunch, no problems and no leaks! Please let your supplier know that you were right and I hadn’t any need to be such a worry as they are obviously first class craftsmen. Many thanks for your help and patience."

From IO on 16th December 2012

"I love the website and the service is the best I've had from any web business. You guys are my first port of call every time. Keep up the great work and Merry Christmas."

From BR (Australia) on 13th December 2012

"Please accept my thanks for the wonderful job you did with my first order."

From R on 7th December 2012

"Thank you for your immediate response. In the future I will buy the other parts. Congratulations for your excellent service."

From MT (Italy) on 6th December 2012

"Thanks for a great service I am really pleased!!! I do a lot of Rolls/Bentley work here so will definitely be in touch again! Thanks once again."

From S on 30th November 2012

"I have always found Flying Spares to be a most efficient company."

From RS on 24th November 2012

"Having only dealt with Flying Spares since about November last year, I just wanted to provide the following feedback. Of all the car parts places I have dealt with, Flying Spares would have to be, by far, the most professional, the most helpful, the most understanding of any company I have ever dealt with. In fact, I think you can take top ranking as being the most professional of ANY organisation I've ever dealt with. I am coming to the UK in December, so I was going to plan a short visit to Flying Spares just to say hello, and see where all my parts are sent from. "

From JG on 23rd November 2012

"Thank You for your expertise and helpfulness.With your suggestions and purchase of spare parts, I have no more problems with the cooling system on my Silver Shadow.Thank You again."

From CP on 23rd November 2012

"We already received our parts....from the UK! You guys are awesome. We don't get parts this quickly from suppliers that are two states away...Thanks!"

From NA (USA) on 23rd November 2012

"Well done, I am thinking perhaps you folks are proud of getting the best deals for your customers (in the UK market)."

From DS (Canada) on 23rd November 2012

"I live in Canada and I believe your company is an excellent supplier of parts for my aging Bentley; your web store is especially well organised and helpful."

From JB (Canada) on 23rd November 2012

"May I just thank you to you and your staff for your professionalism and courtesy at Flying Spares. The service is fantastic, and goods are delivered to R.O.I. faster than local mail."

From J on 23rd November 2012

"As always it has been and I am sure always will be a pleasure doing business with honest respectable people. You have proven this to me once again. I want to thank you again for your prompt answer to my e-mail. Hoping to do business with you again soon."

From LB on 6th November 2012

"Congratulations for your well done job -including the efficient website and shipping & delivery's-, you´re having good references from Avilés - Spain."

From E on 10th October 2012

"Many thanks for your excellent service."

From B on 10th October 2012

"Thanks for the red centre caps."

From BS on 6th October 2012

"Thank you! Efficient as usual. Grazie!!!"

From AA on 5th October 2012

"Many many many thanks to all of you! Great job. I’ve received the starter relay this morning. So glad, I can do the rally on Sunday :)"

From KW on 27th September 2012

"Incredible. The parts are here, at my workshop! Very good service, indeed. I will strongly recommend your company to all my customers!"

From L on 19th September 2012

"I just received the parts today. Interesting to note parts from England came 4 days faster than parts from Minnesota. Thank you so much for the fast service and all the help. I will be recommending you."

From JS on 17th September 2012

"Thank you for kind help and support."

From MJ on 21st August 2012

"Many thanks for all your help in finding the wheel trim its just perfect and arrived within 12 hours"

From JP on 13th August 2012

"Thank you so very much, I really appreciate your service you are amazing."

From BG on 2nd August 2012

"Thank you again for truly exceptional service!"

From WK on 18th July 2012

"You are very co-operative. I like the FS staff."

From JC on 17th July 2012

"The Corniche brake bits that I asked you for on Friday arrived today safe and sound. Very impressive service! Most of my friends/clients out here have a Rolls or two in their collection and trust me, I will make sure Flying Spares is on the tip of their tongues when the inevitable happens. Great work and regards to the team"

From JS on 16th July 2012

"I have just received a PERFECT delivery off glass for my car; it was packaged immaculately and has arrived intact and perfect. I don’t know how to say thanks… You saved me a small fortune!!! I am SO using you guys for whatever I need and am so so happy. Many thanks for the service and the packing. Well done. We could take a lesson in service from you guys!"

From TD on 16th July 2012

"Thank you for the info and the kind help!! It’s an honour to be ordering with you."

From MJ on 11th July 2012

"You are such a pleasure to work with, as always. Thanks for the assistance."

From MN on 22nd May 2012

"Once again, it has been a pleasure doing business with you, a seamless transaction despite my many requests for clarification. I hope that you will be pleased to know that my friends Silver Shadow has been satisfactorily repaired thanks to your good efforts on our behalf."

From PMEG O.B.E.

"I received the order on Saturday morning. Thank you very much for your prompt attention."

From A

"Just a quick note to say the rather large package (49kg) arrived on Monday, April 4th, 2011 at lunch time at my house with the new rear windscreen and distributer cap and the steering wheel all in excellent condition plus all the other bits and pieces. Thank you and all the team at Flying Spares for packing the spare parts so carefully and thoughtfully, it was very much appreciated."

From DF

"That is very kind of you, like I said in my first email I am very pleased with the service your company offers which helps keeping these old babies on the road. Keep up the good work." 

From G

"Thank you very much! The Bentley parts has arrived ok. Good job Mate! Thanks again. If I have any other query on other parts, I'll contact you."

From F

"Thanks for the super service the steering box has just arrived, I am very lucky now.
Thank you  :-)"

From R

"Hello all at Flying Spares,

I thought you might be interested in seeing some photos from a very happy customer. I recently ordered a set of chrome wheel arch covers and set of lambswool rugs for my 1988 Rolls Royce Silver Spirit (SCAZS00AOJCH23996). I've owned the car for 2 years now. As I am sure you would be able to appreciate, I have a very special relationship with this fabulous car. She is my pride and joy. During a recent period of servicing and maintenance, I have had the chrome arches and rugs fitted to the car. I am ecstatic with the results and the exceptional quality of the goods you supplied. The rugs in particular are just fabulous and really add to the interior "feel" of the car. It has been a pleasure dealing with Flying Spares and I will look forward to dealing with you again in the future."

From MR

"Arrived this morning, very efficient service, yet again."

From C

"Please be advised, package arrived 8.30am Monday Brisbane time, 10.30 pm your Sunday time
thanks for such great work and helpful service!!!"

"The bendixdrive safe received 2pm yesterday. Mounted and working OK. Lot of thanks...."

"I am now back in USA but could not let the opportunity pass without writing to let you know that the service offered by Mr Chattaway was exemplary and he is undoubtedly an asset to your organisation. I have passed out several of your brochures, provided by Mr. Chattaway, and contact details to my friends in the RROC and I feel certain that many will use your services. This is the second time that Mr. Chattaway has assisted me with hard to find parts and on both occasions he offered superb service. Thank you."   

"Parts arrived yesterday. Thank you for the prompt service."

From L

"I just wanted to let you know that I recieved my shipment yesterday, which was a set of blue lambswool rugs and chromed wheel arch covers for my Rolls Royce Silver Spirit. They arrived in Australia safe and sound, in excellent condition and I am absoloutly delighted with the exceptional quality of the goods (especially the lambswool rugs, they are just exquisite) and the service that I have received."

"Thank you very much your kindness. It is wonderful to make deal with You. Unfortunatelly so rare in England this behaviour. Thank You very much"

From J

"Thanks for your prompt response. It is a pleasure to do business with you."

"I would like to thank you for the wonderful service I have received over the years from your company. 

We run a Chauffeur business in Tasmania, Australia and I have brought many items from you. 

At our recent board meeting it was decided to conduct almost all our business with you as your staff are kind and helpful and items are delivered very promptly and prices are very good too a special thank you to Duncan. Many Thanks"

From SH  

"Many thanks for your excellent service. As you know I phoned you about 3:00pm on Friday, needing a headlamp and front sidelamp for my Rolls-Royce. I needed this urgently for a wedding the next day.

I am pleased to let you know I received the 2 parcels before 8:45 on Saturday morning. I was able to fit them and have the car looking good for the wedding on Saturday afternoon.

Many thanks for your superb effort in tracking down the part you couldn't supply yourself - and in making sure both parts arrived well in time - no mean feat since I live in Scotland."

From B

"Here at last!! took some pictures to show you just how BRILLIANT the alloys look on the car, THANK YOU sooo much they have really brought the whole car together - Sporty Spirit!!"

From A

"Your service is beyond compare! Thank you very much for your patience and for helping me out."

From JR

"Dear all @ FS

Thank you for your friendly and professional customer services.

It was a pleasure to see you today and to buy some items at good prices that has saved me a few pounds into the bargain. I will be recommending you to any RR and Bentley drivers I meet through the club.

Thanks again."

"Thank you very much for your quick help. I got the door seal on Thursday morning, very well done!"

From KM

"I am writing to thank you for your help yesterday at the RREC rally, following the trouble I had with my front brakes binding on my Shadow II. The two hoses did indeed turn out to have been "missed" when the car had a hydraulic service 21/2 years ago. Fitted the new ones today - fantastic!!

Thanks again. Be assured you will be my first port of call for spares (& free advice)"

From JW