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This is a reconditioned half shaft with a new double roller wheel bearing.
The shaft has been checked to ensure that it is straight and true and then the seal running area has been cleaned and polished to accept new leather seals.
The bearing housing has been modified to acccept the new, stronger modern wheel bearing. All of this is pressed into place and secured with a new secure locating collar.
All wheel studs threads are examined, cleaned and re-cut if necessary. This also includes the 3 small screw holes for the grub screws, which secure the brake drum in place. The studs are then torqued to the correct figure.

Please note that if your old shaft has snapped or is not in a serviceable condition your surcharge will not be refunded.

Information sheet

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£1,295.00 (Excl VAT) £1,554.00 (Incl VAT)
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This is a reconditioned part, sold on an exchange basis so a core unit surcharge will apply.

Additional Information

Part Number RG4345SXR
Chassis Range Applicability 1945-55 (MkVI, R Type & Silver Dawn)
Stock Availability Available : Despatched in 1 – 3 Days