Lambswool Over-rugs


Handcrafted genuine lambswool over rugs for the world’s finest cars,using prime quality genuine sheepskin.

Our lambswool over rugs are made using fleeces carefully for their dense plush 25mm pile which combines luxury with durability. Choose from a palette of richly dyed beautiful colours that will complement or contrast with the interior of your car.

All-over rugs are handmade to order.

  • 25mm pile height sheepskins
  • Plush 13mm felt interlining
  • Automotive quality trim fabric

Superb Colours – Finest Sheepskins

Our supplier searches the world for the finest quality sheepskins and then selects the very best examples for the over-rugs.

A palette of richly dyed beautiful colours complement or contrast with the interiors of cars of all ages and special shades can be prepared to order.

Individually Tailored

Every lambswool over rug set is individually tailored to order, we are continually updating our huge library of patterns to include templates of the latest and the rarest of cars.

Premium Quality

The lambswool rug is combined with a high-quality automotive trim fabric and padded with a sound-deadening plush felt interlining Velcro closure design to the backing helps to ensure easy cleaning.