Recycled Parts

The dismantling (parting out) of cars continues to provide us with an invaluable source of hard-to-find and expensive parts, as well as core units for our reconditioning stock.

Once a car arrives on site we will try to get it running if we can. We then carry out a full test and report to establish the overall condition of the vehicle, as well as testing as many of the mechanical & electrical components as possible.

If we think that the car is salvageable we will offer it for sale and provide any prospective new owner with the findings of our report. If the car is deemed too badly damaged or beyond economical repair it joins the queue of cars to be recycled.

Full details of the cars we are currently recycling can be found here and cars we have for sale can be found here.

Once parts are removed from a car they are identified, cleaned and tested and added to our ever-growing inventory.

Part Number We add a U (Used) at the end of the genuine part number.
Warranty All of our recycled parts come with a 3 month guarantee.
Other Information
  • World’s largest stock of recycled parts.
  • Over 20,000 recycled parts listed on our database.
  • Invaluable source of rare and NLA parts.
  • Uneconomical to repair cars sacrificed to keep many more on the road.
  • Parts are dismantled from cars on-site by our experienced dismantling team.
  • Our recycled parts are cleaned and tested (where possible) prior to despatch.