Flying Spares offers the largest choice of new and recycled parts for all Bentayga models from 2016 onwards. All our Recycled parts are subject to availability and whilst stocks last. With thousands of parts at the click of a button, we've made it easier for you to find the parts you require. Our full inventory of parts can be found in our Bentley Bentayga parts catalogue.


  1. 4M0698451C
    BRAKE PADS (Bentayga) (4M0698451T)
    £356.09 £427.31
  2. 36A807833CU
    TRIM RING (36A807833CU)
    £55.00 £66.00
  3. 36A807823CU
    TRIM RING (36A807823CU)
    £46.20 £55.44
  4. 36A827205AU
    £33.00 £39.60
  5. 36A827206AU
    £33.00 £39.60