We are always on the lookout for parts to purchase – from surplus new stock to old core units that we could use for reconditioning. If you have parts that you would like to sell, please contact us.

Telephone: 01455 292949 | Email: sales@flyingspares.co.uk


We require parts for the following models between 1946 up to present day such as:


BRAKES: Calipers, Accumulators, Brake Shoes, Master Cylinders, Wheel Cylinders, Brake Servos, G-Valves, Distribution Valves, Accumulator Valves, Accumulator Spheres, Brake Pumps, Brake Pressure Switches

COOLING SYSTEM: Radiators, Water Pumps, Coolant Gauges, Expansion Tanks

ELECTRICAL: Alternators, Switchboxes, Starter Motors, Gear Selectors, Wiper Motors, Headlights, Dynamos, Starter Bendix, Ignition Modules, Seat ECUs, Alarm ECUs, Window Lift Motors, Multi-function Switches

SUSPENSION: Dampers/ Shock Absorbers, Leaf Springs, Gas Springs, Height Control – Rams, Valves, Solenoids & Restrictor Valves

STEERING: Boxes, Pumps, Rams and Racks

GEARBOX & CLUTCH: Manual Gearboxes, Friction & Pressure Plates

CHASSIS LUBRICATION: One-Shot Lubrication Pumps

REAR AXLE: Differentials & Half Shafts

FUEL SYSTEM: Charge Cooler Pumps

Comprehensive lists of parts required are available upon request, email gary@flyingspares.co.uk.