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How To Order

You can search our Online Catalogue in two ways:

1. By adding the description or part number of the part you require in the Quick Search box Magnifying glass on all pages of the website and clicking the Search button.

2. By clicking into the Parts & Prices page and clicking on to the relevant model range. This will allow you to view categories of parts for that model (for example Brakes or Suspension) and then filtering down to the exact parts you need (for example Brake Pads).

We have listed our most popular choices but the list is by no means exclusive or exhaustive, so please do not hesitate to enquire about a variant of the part listed (for example if you would prefer genuine instead of aftermarket) or if you cannot see the part you are looking for.

All prices are quoted exclusive of UK VAT (20%) and shipping costs.

If you have any difficulty or are unsure where to find the part you need, please Contact Us, and let us know the model of your car, year of manufacture and chassis (VIN) number and we will be happy to assist.

You can either create an Order (and pay for it) or you can create an Enquiry and we will email you back.

To create an Order:

  1. Locate the part you wish to order, enter the quantity you require, then click Add To Order.
  2. Repeat for every additional part you wish to purchase.
  3. Click Checkout (top right of screen).
  4. Screen 1 Checkout Method - decide whether to register with us or to place your order as a Guest. If you think you will be visiting us again we recommend you register as this will save you time on your next visit. If you wish to use a non-UK EEC VAT number (so we do not charge you the UK VAT) you will need to register with us.
  5. Screen 2 Billing Information - fill in the address that you wish the invoice to be sent to. This must also be the registered address for your credit or debit card. If you want your order sending to an alternative address click the "Ship to different address" button below the billing information.
  6. Screen 3 Shipping Information - fill this in if you wish your order to be shipped to an alternative address.
  7. Screen 4 Shipping Method & Message - choose your preferred shipping method and add a message if there is anything you wish to ask or tell us. Please be aware that if we are unable to quote you for shipping then the "No Shipping Quote Required or Available" button will be your only option.
  8. Screen 5 Payment Information - Choose how you would like to pay us.
  9. Screen 6 Order Review - confirm that you have chosen the correct parts and shipping option. Check the Terms & Conditions and tick the box. Place Order.
  10. You will receive an on-screen message as well as a confirmation email. You will also be taken to your chosen payment method page.
To create an Enquiry:

Follow the steps above but choose the "No Shipping Quote Required or Available" button on Screen 4, then choose the "Enquiry Only" button on Screen 5 and we will answer any of your questions and come back to you to confirm stock availability and shipping prices.

What Happens Next?

One of our sales team will process your order. They will email you to confirm that your order has been shipped. If you have placed an Enquiry or asked any questions during the Checkout process they will answer them for you.

If you need to make any changes to your order please just email us (sales@flyingspares.co.uk) quoting your Order number.